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This will be our hub for showcasing Gangsters and Rebels from across the globe. Although our first documentary film under the Gangsters and Rebels label will focus on the labor movement in Detroit during the Great Depression - you can learn about supporting that project here - this blog will feature a wide variety of "Gangsters," like Lo Hsing Han and Hermann von Siemens, alongside Rebels, such as William Wallace and Geronimo, to name a few.

How do we distinguish between a Gangster and Rebel? For our purposes, a Gangster will be defined as a member of an organized group that utilizes unethical, often violent, means as a way of attaining money and/or power. Whereas a Rebel will be a person who opposes or takes up armed resistance against an authority in pursuit of an ideal. It's about mindsets and motivations.

In our upcoming film, Gangsters and Rebels: unionizing Detroit (1930-1941), our Gangsters will be Henry Ford and Harry Bennett, opposed by Rebels including Walter Reuther and Genora (Johnson) Dollinger.

Harry Bennett roughs up union men.
Harry Bennett and his Ford Service Department men rough up union advocates passing out flyers near the Ford Rouge manufacturing plant.

In addition to providing informative and entertaining content, we aim to connect the actions of the past to our current times. May we eventually learn from history.

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